Hope is the possibility of change; neuroscience provides the road map.
Walking into discomfort can lead to growth and life.

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and Loss Support

God created us to be in relationship. Loss and grief are part of the risk we take in loving. But you can heal - and see the future with hope and happiness again.
Let me walk with you. 

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Pre-Marital and

When we marry we all want to believe we will do marriage well. Intimacy in any friendship requires lots of hard work and two individuals who want to grow and have a relationship that reflects the true biblical design of marriage. 

It is never too late for a great start. 

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Individual Growth
and Healing

It is easy to see our brokenness. It takes time to help our brains learn to see the God placed beauty inside of us.
Depression and Anxiety steal our peace and truth.
Move toward freedom with faith.  

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My Name is Phil 

And I'm here to help.