My goal is to help you discover who you are, and how you’ve either been trapped or set free by your experiences, beliefs, relationships, etc. 

What I Believe

In my free time I

  • spend all the time I can with family and friends
  • play and travel with our two dogs Sam and Bella
  • go mountain biking
  • go hiking
  • go trail running
  • go skiing
  • go climbing
  • love reading
  • love simply ‘soaking’ in this beautiful world

My approach to therapy

The journey toward wholeness is ultimately a lifelong expedition and one I’m on as well. Sometimes a guide is helpful when the terrain we’re journeying through is complex, unknown, or too difficult to navigate alone.

I utilize a variety of theoretical frameworks, from process oriented relational models and attachment theory, to narrative work and insights gained from a cognitive behavioral framework and neuroscience. I particularly enjoy empowering people as they wrestle with issues of anxiety and depression—something we all have throughout our lives—and helping those who experience deep failures or perpetual battles find hope.

My world view

It is important to consider our humanity and health from a holistic perspective. We are physical bodies, and our brain is part of this, therefore physical health and biological realities are important to honor. 

We are social. We are capable to being mindful of others, and are deeply influenced by the context of our lives: families, friends, culture, faith communities, etc.

For some, their cultural context provides strength and nurturing, while for others the rigidity and lack of flexibility causes an utter loss of self, fear of being punished, etc. If the social context of our life is chaotic this brings another set of issues with which we need to wrestle.